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Providing You The Best Yellow Pages Advertising Tips

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It is an age-old question: Does size matter from Yellow Pages advertising?

The simple answer? A resounding “YES!”

(Sorry. I know you hear me say that a Yellow Pages ad can bring you outcomes. But that’s simply not the case.)

It’s really only common sense. In fact, it’s a rule of advertising. Unfortunately, I consult with a lot of Yellow Pages advertisers that insist on placing ads into headings in their directory, attempting to compete. Somehow they really expect (or perhaps they just expect?) To get fantastic outcomes. Unfortunately, that’s like entering your own regular car failing miserably, and then finishing that auto racing in general does not do the job.

Allow me to ask you this would deliver better results?

A) A tiny 1/16th-page ad way in the back; or

B) A full-page, full-color well-designed advertisement right up front?

And which TV advertising do you think would get far better results?

A) A 30-second spot run one time on an obscure cable channel at 3 o’clock in the morning ; or

B) A collection of 10 60-second ads working on prime-time network television for a week?

Proper – these are no-brainers! And why would the Yellow Pages be different?Image result for Yellow Pages Advertising

I’m amazed how often I hear smaller Yellow Pages advertisers rationalize with crap like ” I like to begin at the back of the heading” (FACT: 84 percent of Yellow Pages users begin at the start of the heading) or “People believe companies with bigger advertisements need to charge more to make them pay for those ads, so they don’t call them” (FACT: Larger ads communicate a more solid, dependable, quality image and so always attract more calls and more profitable customers – causing a Return On Investment many times larger than that of smaller advertisements). Or even the trusty “My little (or poorly-designed) advertisement does not get a lot of calls, so it must be since nobody uses the Yellow Pages anymore.”

And the excuses dreamed up by unsuccessful Yellow Pages advertisers move on and on…

Bottom-line: All things being equal, bigger Yellow Pages ads get better results than smaller ones (this was consistently shown in “metered ad” research where specific tracking phone numbers are set into advertisements).

*But pay careful attention to the words “all things being equal”! The biggest problem with Yellow Pages ads isn’t that they are not big but they are currently ignoring the tested rules of Yellow Pages advertising success.

Here’s the procedure:

1. First, learn the principles of Yellow Pages ad success and design yourself a killer ad (or spare yourself time and hassle and hazard and allow an expert design your advertisement for you).

2. Then, as soon as you know that you get a super ad, make it as large as necessary to have at or near the very front of your going(s) and place it into as many Yellow Pages directories as possible!

Follow these two easy steps and you will never again question the fact that bigger Yellow Pages ads noticed are more frequently and more readily found and chosen than small ads.

Besides — a $3,000/month advertising that brings in $50,000/month is MUCH to run compared to a $500/month ad that earns only $1,000/month, right?

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