My Review Of The Cold Metal Dragonfly Katana Sword

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The Cold Steel Dragonfly Katana is the most impressive looking sword for the amount of money that you will find.

The green ray skin wrapped handle gives the sword a distinctive appearance, but remains standard enough to be exact.

I got a great deal on my Dragonfly Katana and allow me to share my thoughts:

First Impressions:

1. The cutter comes out of the package with a layer of Vaseline on it. This is done so your sword doesn’t rust. Cold Steel tends to make the Dragonfly Katana cutting tool out of 1055 carbon steel.

KatanaSale is hard enough to hold on to an effective edge, but flexible enough to hold up to the toughest torture tests that you are able to imagine.

2. My Katana was hair shave sharp right out of the box. This’s a big plus because many sword making companies provide somewhat dull blades.

3. Cold Steel does not stamp their name anywhere that is typically visible.

Instead, their stamp goes on the swords tang that is protected by the handle.

4. The Cold Steel Dragonfly Katana includes a mirror finish over the blood groove or even “fuller”. This’s the portion directly beneath the spine which is slightly indented.

This feature gives your sword a terrific look that is unforgettable.


The Cold Steel Dragonfly Katana is worth every penny of the asking price. It’s made usually with merely the top materials.

The blade is 29.5 inches, thus if you’re looking for something equally as nice but a bit smaller then you have to check out the Dragonfly Wakazashi or perhaps Dragonfly O Tanto.

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