Standard Problems With Signal Holders

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If you have previously purchased sign keepers for your business, or school, office, you have most likely already come across a number of problems connected with nearly all of the sign holders that you’ll find. These problems can usually be stayed away from in case you take your time while shopping, and think about a number of the common conditions that a lot of folks have when they’re shopping for plastic sign containers.

Low Quality Plastic – On the list of major problems individuals face when buying sign keepers is the point that they’re mass produced, and usually manufactured from low quality materials. The plastics that are used during production are susceptible to failing where they’re creased, especially when you’re working with them in outdoor environments. Age is usually another reason why so many plastic-made sign holders fail.

Bad Hanging And Securing Options – Most companies will include some sort of securing option to help you affix the sign keeper to the doorstep. These normally consist of double sided tape, or possibly a simple velcro solution. The trouble would be that the glue being utilized to affix the tape, or perhaps Velcro to the door is going to break, making it possible for your sign holder to come loose.

Lack Of various Sizes Available – Another problem people have when they’re purchasing sign holders is the point that there is a limited variety of sizes available. When you’ve a wide range of different sized signs to hang, you are going to wind up needing to look around to be able to find a holder that’ll effectively fit each different size.

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