The Best Cities For Flipping Houses

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When you make the decision to start selling houses, one of the key questions in your mind should be where you will carry out your activities. After all, as anyone who has had previous offers in the real estate market will be able to negotiate with you, location is extremely important when it comes to buying and selling properties, both in terms of housing demand and prices that can be charged. . a property

In short, some markets will naturally be stronger than others, so it’s a good idea to know where to start looking before making any purchase. Here we will examine some of the best cities to exchange houses in the current market.

Memphis, TN

Memphis is one of the most famous cities in the United States, but according to recent statistics, it is also one of the best in terms of mobile homes. So far in 2015, the city has seen that approximately 250 homes were delivered successfully, which is one of the highest numbers in the United States.

Better yet, on average, the homeowner earned about $ 50,000 in revenue for each home he sold, with an average purchase price in the $ 100,000 range, while the average sale price was over $ 150,000. Taking into account the price of renovation works, this can amount to about $ 20-25,000 in profits for each household invested in the city.

Baltimore-Towson, MD

Baltimore-Towson has figures very similar to those of Memphis, with statistics indicating that 258 homes have been abandoned in the city during the first quarter of the year. However, the city is distinguished from the rest of the list due to the huge return on investment offered by each property invested.

buying and selling homes with little or no money of a house during 2015 has been around $ 125,000, but the average sale price has skyrocketed to $ 243,000. Simply, there is no better market in the country today for people looking to earn the most money from a home with investment, but keep in mind that it will become a very busy market as more people realize the potential that is offered.

Ocala, FL

Ocala is an excellent city to start the business of changing the image of the house, since the initial prices of a property are quite low and it is very likely that you will get a solid return on the investment you make in the area. As such, if your budget is not huge, it may be the ideal place to start.

Average purchase prices in the city are approximately $ 51,000, and resale prices remain in the region of $ 90,000. While the sale price is not huge compared to other areas, it still represents an income of almost $ 40,000 per sale. Some homes sold in Ocala could mean you can save the money you need to go to work in a more prosperous city. The only problem you will face is that there are not many properties in the market, with only 69 investments during the first quarter of 201

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