Volkswagen Die Cast Replicas

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Die-Cast Volkswagen Replicas

Volkswagen, the German car manufacturer based in Wolfsburg, Germany, has been building cars since the 1930s. While several of Volkswagen’s vehicle models have become cult classics, this devotion to the brand also extends to die cast replicas. Die-cast replicas of the Volkswagen Beetle, Microbus, along with other models have generated a dedicated following of collectors.

History of Volkswagen Replicas

Like many die-cast replica products, early Volkswagen replicas were produced primarily as children’s toys. Wiking marketed 1:40 scale beetles, transporters and pickup truck replicas in the 1950s. Corgi followed in the 1960s with a wide range of Volkswagen vehicle replicas. Taiyo and the EF White Co. also produced Volkswagen model toys in the 1960’s. Not a lot of these older toys and replicas are still being sold, and once they do appear, they are able to command a hefty price at auction. die casting china , of which only twenty five are known to exist, was sold for a record $72,000 at auction in 2000.

Popular Volkswagen Replica Models

The Volkswagen Beetle, and the Microbus are undoubtedly the most prolific models in die cast circles. For more than forty years, these two Volkswagen models have been replicated in die-cast form by a number of manufacturers in a huge selection of standard and customized formats. While many of the other Volkswagen models are represented in die-cast replica manufacturers’ product lines, they do not match the scope of replicas available for these 2 models. This is not shocking, given the cult following of the Beetle and the Microbus in full size form beginning in the 1960s and continuing to the current day.

Manufacturers of Volkswagen Replicas

Through the years, many manufacturers haveĀ die casting manufacturer produced replicas of Volkswagen vehicle models. Some of these manufacturers include:

Revel Germany – Revell Germany, most renowned for the plastic model kits of theirs, also currently has a hot line of ready made 1/18 scale die-cast vehicles, including several Volkswagen models. Along with the standard Microbus and Beetle models, Revell also manufactures some older Volkswagen models, like the Karmann-Ghia.

Jada Toys – Jada produces standard replicas of a broad range of Volkswagen models, as well as customized models in both 1/24 and 1/64 scales.

Corgi Toys – Corgi Toys manufactured a few Volkswagen models in the late 1950s and through the 1960s.

Hot Wheels – A Volkswagen beetle model was among the first Hot Wheels products in 1968. Hot Wheels continues to manufacture a variety of 1/64 scale Volkswagen replicas.

Micro-Machines – Micro-Machines released a line of Volkswagen replicas in the late 1980s through the 1990s. Micro-Machine models are slightly bigger than N-scale models, which range from 1/148 to 1/160.

Maisto – Maisto manufactures a line of VW replicas, but the quality of their models as well as the vehicle detail are lower than those of some other manufacturers.

Volkswagen die-cast replicas continue to be a widely used choice for collectors in a variety of scales. Manufacturers are taking advantage of the acceptance of the Volkswagen by continuing to maintain product lines that contain Volkswagen models, particularly the Microbus and Beetle.

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